Easy Colour Express – Colouring Your Home Was Never as Easy

Painting your entire house in new and attractive colors is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make it look brand new in no time! It not only helps save a great deal of money but also gives the sense of satisfaction that you have spent valuable time to decorate your home with your very own hands! In order to achieve this, all that one need are the basic painting supplies, the right shade cards to choose the apt shades and of course, loads of enthusiasm.


However, when it comes to completing a paint job all alone, most paint stores or companies offer extremely small sample cards which are simply not enough to help one decide which colors would best suit each room in the house. This is why many people often end up making a mistake when it comes to choosing the color and repent later. Moreover, the textures of the walls which need to be painted are quite different from the texture of paper or tiles on which such samples are available.

One starts wondering if there truly is a solution for such a problem where they can make use of the right shade cards to choose colors?

The answer is simple!

Easy Color Express allows home owners to choose from sample boards which have been painted and are either 10×15” or 15×20” in size. Being of the same texture as the walls, one can truly understand the final result of the colors before starting the job and decide well how to go about the entire painting job.

Easy Color Express delivers sample boards of all the selected colors along with other essential painting supplies to the home owner’s doorstep whenever they are ready to paint. The project currently has more than $800 in funding and you could donate as little as $1 – and get a mention of your contribution on the company’s Facebook page. If you manage to donate around $25, you will receive a free tshirt by June.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/MGtE8h