Top 5 Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

Do you have a night shift work mode? Then you might be worrying about the safety of your home.

Besides protecting your local community, you also need to take necessary measures to safeguard your home when you are on duty.

Reports and surveys state that the security equipment market has made around $20 million business in 2012 and the reports indicate that law enforcement officers are not the only customers for the market but also the ordinary persons who concern about their home security.

A wide range of technology gadgets are available in the market for keeping your home safe.

Here we list out the top 5 technology gadgets that keep your home safe.

gadgets for home safety

1. Electronic Pet Door

You may find difficulty to getting up early in the morning and let your dog to go out. Or you may have avoided using a doggie door due to security risks it holds.

Here comes the magic of Electronic Pet Door, offering great convenience without compromising safety and quality.

There are many brand new pet doors that are made of cutting edge technology and work with a radio frequency identification device.

Put this device on your pet’s belt. It gathers up and down like a garage door and is made from hardened plastic panel slides that are secure and strong.

The rate of this electronic door starts from $100 and can go up to $1149 for international brands.

2. Remote Control Access Security System

This security system offers great peace of mind after get it installed at home.

Many leading companies manufacture and promote this device with wireless security system that needs a remote login through online or a Smartphone application.

Thus, you can check any surveillance cameras and also function or dis-function the alarm from anywhere.

3. Motorized Blinds

This gadget has been designed to make intruders feel like you are at home even though you are out of town or working a night shift. Install the blinds on every street-facing window and operate them automatically such as raise every morning and lower at sundown.

Moreover, these motorized blinds can help decrease energy bills as they can minimize or maximize sun exposure in the home based on the season. Price of the blinds can be varied to brands, but they often starts at $120 per window.

4. Peephole Camera

Do you want to check who comes to your door when you are out of home?

Then install Peephole camera, which is motion-activated and records images of all visitors on a SD card. The 3” camera with LCD display can be affixed to the back of your door so that you can easily see who is at the door without making a look to the peephole.

5. Programmable Lighting

Turn the lights on can be a simple way to feel like you are home. Programmable lights are made for this purpose.

When you leave home for night shift, the programmable lights keep your home feel occupied. You can even save on energy bill by setting an LED lamp on a time and locate it near a street-facing window.