Tips To Change Your Gas And Electricity Company

Before you plan to change your gas and electricity company, it is important that you should have a proper and valid reason to change your gas and electricity company. The most common reason that comes to the mind is when you have to change your property and shift from one place to another. However, in reality, that might be just one reason from a humongous list of reasons.

You may want to change the energy supplier if you are interested in saving money or to enjoy the rebates for solar electricity. You may want to change just because you have found a more sustainable and beneficial source or, the most important of all, you are hoping for a better customer service.

Things You Will Need

There are few things that you will require when you want to change your energy suppliers. You will need to carry the latest copy of the gas and electric bill along with all the details for connection to your property.

In addition to it, you should also know about your annual energy consumption in kilo watt hours which will help you in selecting the energy supplier who can meet your demand. You will have to furnish the current meter reading. This will help the old service provider to provide you with the final bill and also the new service provider to start from that specific point.

Few Additional Information

When you plan to change your gas and electricity company you should know the amount that you can save on such switch over. You must have a list of the suppliers in the area with the offers, rates, and other information. The entire process of switch over, online or physical, does not take much time.

You must clear your old outstanding, if any and settle the final bill from the old service provider at the earliest. Make sure your account is closed and also cancel all Direct Debits from your account at the same time.