Using Rat Poison for Getting Rid of Rats in Home

Rats can be a troublesome and dangerous household pests. They not only cause damage to household items and objects, but they can also be carriers of harmful diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate techniques of pest control to get rid of rats.


Among the various methods of removing rats from premises that are common and the prevalence, use of rat poison is considered the most effective method. However, since rats have peculiar food habits usually are hard to kill.

Rats consume small amounts of food and wait for did not feel any side effects, and only after it is all done eating. Therefore, for effective rat poison has to be relatively odourless and tasteless. Also, rat poison should exhibit a delayed effect.

Rat poison can be chronic, in which case death is carried out only after a week, but within two weeks after the poison has been consumed. Rat poison can also be a single dose or multiple dose type, which acts to disrupt the production of clotting factors in the blood. Many rat poisons can cause a very gradual internal bleeding.

Rodenticide is a chemical for pest control with the main purpose is to kill rats. Most chemicals used in rat poisons are anticoagulants. Rat poison can be toxic to humans too, if swallowed. The chances of recovery depend on the type of rat poison consumed, the amount and the time elapsed before treatment.

Using rat traps is not a sure shot way of dealing with the problem as rats still living and rioting elsewhere. If you find a rat in the building, take corrective action before it spirals out of control threat. Rat’s disinfestation services providers should call as soon as possible. This is because they are familiar with the type of rodents and the pros and cons of using a particular type of rodenticide.